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2009/9/18 Peter Childs <pchilds at bcs.org>

Its very difficult as London Bridge is based on about 6 layers with
> random escalators, lifts and ramps connecting it up.
> I'm thinking the building should only cover parts with a roof on and
> hence really needs cutting up.....

Yeah, agree.

> Is there a marker I can put up to say where the trains actually stop
> and that you need to move down the platform.

Ideally, there should a way per railway track, and a way per platform (you
can map platforms as areas, but it seems to work better as linear ways).  If
there's a way that represents more than one track (eg two tracks running
between island platforms, add tracks=2).

Then, make a node on each track to represent where the trains stop. There
can be more than one of these if there are a few stopping points (eg
platform 1a, 1b).  Tag this railway=stop.

All of these stopping points, plus the platforms, plus the station building,
should then all belong to the station's relation (
http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/205097) - ideally add role=stop
to the stop nodes.

Oh and the whole station seams to be done from a mix of Guess Work,
> Ground Knowledge, Yahoo Imaging, and the Odd GPS plot but its near
> impossible to get a GPS lock under ground and even on the platform due
> to the SkyScrapers its quite hard work with the limited device I've
> got.

Yep, I've heard a train driver complain about lack of gps signal at london
bridge before - apparently the doors will only open when the GPS thinks the
train is in a station (this has to be manually overridden otherwise).

> Anyone got a Zoom Layer beyond level 19 so I can see what I'm doing
> and pace the station out......

You can zoom in a bit further in Potlatch than you can with the Mapnik tiles
- I've used this before (helps if you have a big screen so that you can do a
big screenshot), printing it out and then drawing on top.


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