[Talk-transit] London Bridge

Thomas Wood grand.edgemaster at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 18:29:51 BST 2009

2009/9/18 Peter Miller <peter.miller at itoworld.com>:
> On 18 Sep 2009, at 15:40, Thomas Wood wrote:
>> I've been pondering micro-mapping the carstop signs to mark where the
>> front of the train stops.
>> Indeed, I tried to collect this info for Wimbledon, but the GPS there
>> was too poor also.
> Sounds good.
> How about the following:-
> A railway=stop node for the point on the track where the front of the
> train should stop.
> Then a platform=boarding_point node for each car-stop sign on the
> platform way with the carriage number - possibly multiple ones per
> platform

The carstop signs here refer to where the fronts of trains of
differing lengths should stop to be well aligned with the entrance to
the platform.
For example, platforms have Carstop S at the down ends of the
platforms (under the overbridge) meaning the front of the train should
stop there for all lengths, and Carstop 4, 6, 8-10 signs at varying
points in the up direction of the platforms, indicating the train
should stop at the sign for that length of train.

Thomas Wood

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