[Talk-transit] [OSM-talk] Train station names: "Place Station" ou just "Place"?

Roger Slevin roger at slevin.plus.com
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You can use NaPTAN for the official rail station names as they are taken
from Network Rail ... you will find this easier!  IN NaPTAN we add "rail
station" because we need to ensure that it is clear that it is a rail
station and not a bus station or a coach station.


To my knowledge I am only aware of one rail station name that is slightly
different from the official rail version - I almost want to challenge
someone to find it, but I won't be so cruel!  The exception is Heathrow
Terminals 1-2-3 in which NaPTAN adds the word Airport to be consistent with
other airport rail stations.




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I concur, railway stations most often don't have "Station" after their name
so they should be recorded as-is on the primary signage / on-platform
signage (if people can be bothered to doublecheck the platforms). Using the
National Rail site should be doable to acquire the definitive station names,

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