[Talk-transit] East Lothian Bus Stops lack any details on the ground

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Wed Sep 23 19:32:19 BST 2009


Yesterday I was out checking a few bus stops in East Lothian (cycling  
from Musselburgh out along the coast to North Berwick). Pretty much  
all of them had no information other than a flag which said that buses  
stop here and that you are in East Lothian. There was one that had a  
timetable where there were 4 buses per day to the regional hospital in  
Edinburgh. Most of the bus stops did have a space for a timetable but  
there was nothing in there about it. Is this normal for more rural  

  Is it any wonder hardly any one uses the bus in the area when they  
have no idea of where they go? (Well that's probably diverging from  
the point).

Taken a photos of a few in Edinburgh, will need to see how they marry  
up with the Naptan data as there is some references on the flag and  
the timetable signs.


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