[Talk-transit] NaPTAN in Nottingham & Notts: early use of the data

Thomas Wood grand.edgemaster at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 00:23:33 BST 2009

2009/9/24 Jerry Clough - OSM <sk53_osm at yahoo.co.uk>:
> I've now had a few days to contemplate the Nottingham & Notts NaPTAN data,
> so I thought I'd write
> quick summary of what I've been doing. Feedback and suggestions all most
> welcome.
> Use the data to name noname roads. I managed to resolve quite a number of
> unnamed road issues thanks to the detail in the data. Using ITO's OSM Mapper
> I've saved an image of the changes made based on this information:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Image:Nottingham_NaPTAN_derived_road_names.jpg
> Add major missing roads. Alignment of bus-stops have also allowed a much
> smaller number of roads to be added. Being able to add these roads, which of
> course will all need surveying, makes planning future surveys using only OSM
> sourced data much easier. I use main roads for survey area boundaries, but
> they are also very useful for estimating survey complexity (which even OSGB
> 1:25000 aren't much use).

Nice work here.

> I've merged very few bus stops as yet, just a few which I've happened to
> pass. Overall impression is that the stops in the city of Nottingham are
> accurately located. Some of the differences may be between boarding point
> and the flag location (I always try and take this). All stops which I
> encounter which are not already on OSM, where my GPS reading is close will
> just be tagged as verified, and source=naptan_import;survey.
> Details like indicator & shelter will not always be available immediately a
> bus stop is verified. Today I passed a whole slew which I waypointed, but
> I'd run out of convenient bits of paper and space on the dictaphone. I'd
> rather revisit these than try and guess which had shelters/indicators.
> Quite a few stops don't have indicators, but the infrastructure is being
> installed. I propose to tag these electronic_indicator=installation.
> One stop does not appear to exist on the ground: Charlbury Road (
> http://osm.org/go/eu8ZC@@J9-- ). A bus does seem to run along this road, but
> I suspect it is a hail-and-ride sector.
> Trams. I have been re-tagging tram stops to railway=tram_stop and changing
> name to reflect signage at the stop (usually this means removing "Tram
> Stop") from the name. As there is a stop for each direction, incorporating
> the NaPTAN stuff for the NET-1 (Nottingham Tram) will take quite a lot of
> work. Most of this needs to be done: the single node on the track did not
> allow adequate representation of pedestrian access, particularly to island
> platforms. I am proceeding to rework tram stops in Basford which are not on
> a road. I am just creating two ways adjacent to the tram stop. One tram
> stop, Cinderhill, has two stop points, but it has a single platform for up
> and down direction trams, and a single track. This seems wrong, but I am
> open to correction: particularly if the data model enforces such a
> difference.

This interests me, there should have been no tram stops included in this import.
They were scheduled to be imported at a later date, with a lot of
manual massaging from me beforehand.

> Stop Points. Many stops belong to multiple stop points (presumably part of a
> hierarchical arrangement), but some of these seem to have little utility.
> For instance, stops BA82 and BA05 located at the junction of Vernon and
> Nottingham Roads, belong to stop areas 339GBA09, 339GBA10 and 339GBA24. The
> latter seems far too far away and is probably an error, but there seem to be
> large numbers of overlapping stop areas, which to me as a passenger do not
> seem logical. I'll look into this more once OPNV has rendered the data.
> Thanks to all who made this possible.
> Jerry Clough
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