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UK railway term for the three letter code (eg EUS for Euston) is (wait for
it): tlc
(most railway locations also have a 5-digit stanox, a 4-digit national
location code (nlc), a tiploc and several more, but for stations, the tlc is
the nearest to a meaningful short code)

I'd suggest something like tlc_ref


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On the subject of railway stations. I think it would be good if tagged
them with their reference codes (no idea what the correct term is),
all the stations in the UK have codes and if you know them it's
quicker to use them while searching. I'm not such a geek I know all of
them but the ones I use regularly I tend to know (in the UK they're
also useful for the traintimes.org.uk site, e.g.
 gets the next trains from Stratford-upon-Avon to London Euston).

Just spotted the wiki mentions uic_ref so would this go under ref, or
nr_ref (national rail) or something else?


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