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Hi Frankie

Where are you mapping? Most of the UK train lines should already be fairly well mapped.

In my area they are mapped, but definitely not well.
The line traces are so zig-zaggy instead of curves, that on a couple of occasions they've clashed with roads & rivers.

I shall try in the vestibule next time

Dave F.

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Hi Dave,

Some people have found more luck getting a GPS signal in the carriage ends (I believe they're called the vestibules?) - however it's a pretty uncomfortable journey stood their the entire time.

Otherwise, it simply depends on the type of train (some are more shielded than others), and, I guess, the type of GPS device (ones with bigger aerials might cope better). Also, I think it helps if you get a GPS fix before getting on the train - they seem to have more difficulty getting a fix when moving at high speed (or at least mine does).

Where are you mapping? Most of the UK train lines should already be fairly well mapped.



2009/9/25 d f <fac63tempt at yahoo.com>

>I've seen a few railway ways where it says the source is GPS. I've tried a couple of times but got absolutely no signal. I guess the roof of the carriages are shielded. 
>Short of sticking an aerial on the roof or walking the tracks, what tips could you give me to get a recording of my journey?
>Dave F. 
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