[Talk-transit] Again about time tables, and some interesting sites

Michał Borsuk michal.borsuk at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 18:25:47 GMT 2010

On 6 December 2010 19:00, Andrei Klochko <transportsplan3 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Good evening,
> i admit it, I know almost nothing about law. I focused on database,
> intellectual property law. These texts are quite small. I know my
> interpretation has no value

There is no such thing as "no value". Do you *really* want to find out

Look, you put quite an effort into those emails here. I'd direct the effort
towards convincing the PT companies in question to releasing their data. As
I may have told you before, showing them the ready product is a way to do

> And what he told me was this: in one sentence, I am om the cutting edge of
> law. Which means, he cannot say for certain, wether someone attacking me on
> this, would win or not.

Which means that you *may* be breaking law. OK, this is not the worst case
scenarion, so was Google with Youtube, and they got out of it. But you're
not Google, and most importantly, we here at OSM have a very liberal licence
that allows very liberal treatment of the data. Therefore whatever is input
into the database must be as pure as Virgin Mary when it enters the DB.

On the other hand, it is not that difficult to get a permission. Just hit
the right person in the company.

But according to him, if I could go to each bus stop, take a picture of the
> timetables on the stop, and then, extract the information to incorporate it
> in my database, while keeping the photo as a proof that I did not use any
> electronic (internet) means to access easily a work that took time to
> gather, then I should be on my right, as I really spent time and effort to
> gather again the same information.

That is again, on the edge of legality, because it is "sequential" (meaning
one-by-one). It is done with the intent to copy the entire database, hence
you'd be stepping into someone else's garden.

Again, be annoying to the owner, write, fax, call, be nice but persisitent,
you may win.-

> Concerning my former assesment, about "small databases", I admit I was not
> clear enough: First, let us consider

Izvinite, Andriei, but this is not the correct newsgroup (mailing list) for
such elaborations. Let us then not consider further.


Best regards, mit freundlichen Grüssen, meilleurs sentiments, Pozdrowienia,

Michał Borsuk
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