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Andrei Klochko transportsplan3 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 19:39:57 GMT 2010

As I told in the other message, even with the best faith, some companies
will just ignore ou forever. Showing the product won't help, as even
itransport, which is a fairly accomplished map, does not feature them. I
made all this mess about legal questions, to bypass these unwilling
companies. I know that, in one month of endless persistancy, there "may" be
a chance that they finally listen to me, but before that I wanted to know
for certain, that I really needed their authorization.

And about osm, I already said that, on one side, I will very likely be
contributing to transiki, but on the other side, I will try to make my own
site, that will not engage the responsability of anyone else but me, that
will try to implement a more "wild" aproach to the recovering of public
transport data. Of course, I would not be starting that without proper, and
extensive, legal advice, which is why I see so many lawyers now, and why I
will also try again the legal-talk list. But if I find a way to do thus
bypassing, even an unperfect way that only grants me good chances, but not
absolute certainty of winning, then I will try it, if I know I can separate
it from any other person: for OSM, I will only use the geographical layer,
and some open source code. So this will not engage anybody, and I will be
able to start this dirty data importation...
Greetings too

2010/12/6 Michał Borsuk <michal.borsuk at gmail.com>

> On 6 December 2010 19:00, Andrei Klochko <transportsplan3 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Good evening,
>> i admit it, I know almost nothing about law. I focused on database,
>> intellectual property law. These texts are quite small. I know my
>> interpretation has no value
> There is no such thing as "no value". Do you *really* want to find out
> yourself?
> Look, you put quite an effort into those emails here. I'd direct the effort
> towards convincing the PT companies in question to releasing their data. As
> I may have told you before, showing them the ready product is a way to do
> it.
>> And what he told me was this: in one sentence, I am om the cutting edge of
>> law. Which means, he cannot say for certain, wether someone attacking me on
>> this, would win or not.
> Which means that you *may* be breaking law. OK, this is not the worst case
> scenarion, so was Google with Youtube, and they got out of it. But you're
> not Google, and most importantly, we here at OSM have a very liberal licence
> that allows very liberal treatment of the data. Therefore whatever is input
> into the database must be as pure as Virgin Mary when it enters the DB.
> On the other hand, it is not that difficult to get a permission. Just hit
> the right person in the company.
> But according to him, if I could go to each bus stop, take a picture of the
>> timetables on the stop, and then, extract the information to incorporate it
>> in my database, while keeping the photo as a proof that I did not use any
>> electronic (internet) means to access easily a work that took time to
>> gather, then I should be on my right, as I really spent time and effort to
>> gather again the same information.
> That is again, on the edge of legality, because it is "sequential" (meaning
> one-by-one). It is done with the intent to copy the entire database, hence
> you'd be stepping into someone else's garden.
> Again, be annoying to the owner, write, fax, call, be nice but persisitent,
> you may win.-
>> Concerning my former assesment, about "small databases", I admit I was not
>> clear enough: First, let us consider
> Izvinite, Andriei, but this is not the correct newsgroup (mailing list) for
> such elaborations. Let us then not consider further.
> Greetings,
> Michał
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> Best regards, mit freundlichen Grüssen, meilleurs sentiments, Pozdrowienia,
> Michał Borsuk
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