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Michał Borsuk michal.borsuk at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 12:31:03 GMT 2010

On 8 December 2010 20:44, Dominik Mahrer (Teddy) <teddy at teddy.ch> wrote:

> Hello
> Yes, the Public Transport proposal is basically based on Oxomoa, but in
> some details different.

I do not care about which of the two proposals will be approved. But I think
> it is time to get a more exact schema approved then the fuzzy/non-existing
> schema (A railway station of 400m length and 20 platforms or a bus stop for
> 3 buses per direction of 50m length is reduced to one node) we have now.

There is the issue of "multiple relations per line" in oxomoa, which in my
opinion is a total misfit. There are "roles" in relations, and different
variants of a route can be put there. Two, or more, relations per line is
not only "illegal" (clearly against the principle, as it was stated by its
creators), but also hell to administer, and JOSM-limited. Potlatch and
Merkaartor account for 2/3 edits together.

This simply cannot be passed to the final draft unchanged (as is).

Best regards, mit freundlichen Grüssen, meilleurs sentiments, Pozdrowienia,

Michał Borsuk
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