[Talk-transit] Proposed Feature - RFC - Public Transport

Dominik Mahrer (Teddy) teddy at teddy.ch
Thu Dec 9 14:08:55 GMT 2010

On 09.12.2010 13:31, Michał Borsuk wrote:
> There is the issue of "multiple relations per line" in oxomoa, which 
> in my opinion is a total misfit. There are "roles" in relations, and 
> different variants of a route can be put there. Two, or more, 
> relations per line is not only "illegal" (clearly against the 
> principle, as it was stated by its creators), but also hell to 
> administer, and JOSM-limited. Potlatch and Merkaartor account for 2/3 
> edits together.
> This simply cannot be passed to the final draft unchanged (as is).

A missing feature in a specific software implementation usually is not a 
criteria of using or not using a feature in an API.


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