[Talk-transit] Proposed Feature - RFC - Public Transport

Richard Mann richard.mann.westoxford at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 00:45:00 GMT 2010

highway=bus_stop on a node next to a road
railway=tram_stop on a node on railway=tram
railway=platform on a node or way or area next to the tram tracks

all work fine, so don't change them

If you've got a bus stop in the middle of the road (if Alv can spot
them, so can a router), it's probably quite tolerable that you call it
highway=bus_stop, and leave it to a router to identify it as being on
a road, and to prefer a highway=platform as the pedestrian
destination, if there is one. If someone uses highway=tram_stop
(because everything that stops there is a tram), you can just process
it the same way as a bus stop.

You don't need all the bus=yes, tram=yes stuff. You can pick that up
from the relations that use a stop.

You don't need the stop_position to be shown on the road for each and
every bus stop - it's not going to happen generally, though (as ever)
feel free to do it if you want to.

In general, we don't need a new public_transport key - just define the
usage of the existing tags so that more complex situations can just be
extensions of simple situations.


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