[Talk-transit] Proposed Feature - RFC - Public Transport

Dominik Mahrer (Teddy) teddy at teddy.ch
Fri Dec 10 12:46:35 GMT 2010

Hi Richard

> The only inconsistency is that "tram_stop" generally refers to a
> stopping place and "bus_stop" generally refers to a quay. This is not
> enough reason to propose changing half a million established tags.
> Sometimes trams stop at bus_stops and sometimes buses stop at
> platforms, but that's not a reason to change the tags to something
> more generic.

It does not make sense to change more then half a million tags.
I did not write this, I do not mean that.
And the proposal does not conflict with highway=bus_stop or another tag 
you and many others are using the way you explained.

The proposal is NOT for redefining or replacing highway=bus_stop!!! 
(Other proposals do.)

Your way of tagging is the "old" way. Historically crown and widely 
used/accepted. It is NOT deprecated or obsolete.

But keep in mind that there are more and more mappers they want a more 
exact schema then you are using. We should give them ONE approved 
possibility how they can do it. Otherwise everyone does it different 
(like today). So we should find a consensus how this more exact schema 
should lock like.

To say we do not need anything else we have (this is how I read your 
text) is not a consensus.


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