[Talk-transit] Proposed Feature - RFC - Public Transport

Dominik Mahrer (Teddy) teddy at teddy.ch
Sat Dec 11 14:08:28 GMT 2010

On 12/11/2010 09:26 AM, Michał Borsuk wrote:
>     Many city and/or network public transport wiki pages in central
>     europe recommend to use highway=bus_stop _on_ the way
> And they are wrong. Because according to OSM's principles, the object
> should be placed where it physically exists.

Depending of what highway=bus_stop should represent.
If it represents the pole/platform they are wrong.
If it represents the yellow zigzag line on the street they are right.

And by the way: What physical thing is represented by railway=tram_stop?

>     I would like to approve a tagging schema that is clearly defined.
> ..but which is not against the principles of OSM.

What is against the principles of OSM in public transport proposal?

> Imagine that you're not German.

I do not have to imagine this, I am not German.

 > Do you see how unnecessarily complicated
> Oxomoa's plan is? It covers very, very small details (read: they rarely
> occur), at the some time forcing much more work on simple (most often
> occurring) situations.

Your beginners version:
highway=bus_stop beside the way
highway=platform beside the way

Oxomoas beginner version:
public_transport=stop_position on the way
public_transport=platform beside the way

Where is the difference in effort?

If this is still too much effort, you can leave away one of them. I 
guess you do. Sometimes I do either.

Whatever proposal/schema you take (old/unified/oxomoa/stop place): 
Nothing of the tags is a *must*. Everything is optional. You can invest 
as much effort in tagging you want. But the upper limit of 
(unified/oxomoa/stop place) is much higher then in the old, very limited 

> Au contraire, my fellow mapper, and it this discussion was *closed*.

Two years ago or so. I opened it again in 2010, because the underlaying 
basics changed since then.

> There are as many bus stops near the road as there are out there in the
> field, because the resolution of the map is so detailed, that placing
> one dot on the road is not enough. Moreover, as far as I remember, North
> American system (contrary to Hafas), gives each physical stop place a
> different index number.

How do you want to map this with the old schema? You do not have a stop 
place/stop position tag.

>     The platform definitely is beside the way
> Where? Behind the corner?  On the left? On the right? No, this is not
> detailed enough.

As you said: There where it physically exists.

>     My understanding for those they have put hundreds of tags on/beside
>     the way. They do not want to move them (in which direction ever).
> Do you have any other personal accusations towards other mappers?

This is not an accusation, this is the only plausible reason I heard 
until now for not changing the old schema.


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