[Talk-transit] Proposed Feature - RFC - Public Transport

Albin Michlmayr almich at gmx.at
Mon Dec 13 17:26:58 GMT 2010

Am Mon, 13 Dec 2010 12:12:15 +0000
schrieb Richard Mann <richard.mann.westoxford at gmail.com>:

> I think I may have figured out what it is that the established tags
> can't do.

Yes, I guess you found a quite good summary for the roots of this

> If you've got a railway=tram with a series of nice neat (and
> well-established) railway=tram_stop nodes then you can only make that
> railway=tram_stop node a member of a route relation once. The oxomoa
> conclusion was to have single-direction route relations.
> But this doesn't work well when you have lines that loop at the ends
> (fairly common with bus services), because the two relations overlap
> (you have to make certain nodes members in both relations, and that
> starts crossing a complexity/maintainability threshold).

Till now I solved this by defining one stop in the loop as terminus.
This lines then take different routes for each direction. Therefore I
found the solution with single-direction route relations quite
suitable. I don't know if this is the best solution for openstreetmap
but I defenately think that there ist missing something in the
established scheme.

The forward or backward role of a way in the relation is in my opinion
useless, because it is not clear if it refers to the direction of the
way or the route. Currently it is used in both senses.

> I think what we're edging towards is that expressing a tram stop as a
> single node isn't really enough. I think the open question is how tram
> stop pole nodes should be tagged, whether that affects
> highway=bus_stop, and how you deal with joint bus and tram stops.

When I first discovered the oxomoa-scheme I thougt that it's quite a
good idea to use the new tag "public_transport" because what's the
difference between bus and tram stops - there are enough stops used
by both means of transport. After following this discussion here I'm
not so shure any more because world wide there are already mapped about
660000 bus stops as highway=bus_stop and it's senseless to retag all
this stops. On the contrary there are also already mapped about 57000
objects as public_transport=* (23000 nodes as stop_position and 22000
nodes and ways as platform) which of course is much less but also too
many to retag all these.

I don't know which tags are best to be used at the moment but I'm really
interested in a broadly accepted guideline for a more unified taging in
the future.

Regards, Albin

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