[Talk-transit] Conversation on this list (was: Proposed Feature - RFC - Public Transport)

Dominik Mahrer (Teddy) teddy at teddy.ch
Tue Dec 14 21:56:38 GMT 2010

Today morning I got this off the list:

On 12/14/2010 07:56 AM, Michał Borsuk wrote:
> I already told you twice to behave, you little shit. If it continues, I
> will have you removed from the list.

Perhaps I did not find the best words. Please excuse me. English is not 
my first language.

But if this is the way of conversation on this list and if admins? have 
to threat like this because others have a different meaning, I don't 
know if I want/need to be on this list...

Thanks to all they have brought up constructive criticism about my 
proposal, I have a lot to complete and correct now.


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