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Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 22:37:50 GMT 2010

> Hi there

I'm interested in the outcome of this as my attempts to map Birmingham New
Street  see here
don't really represent the complexity of this station which runs underneath
a shopping mall which has a car park on the roof.

So we have  4 levels - from the top:  carpark,mall,station ticketing and
platform displays and concourse, and finally the rail lines and platforms.
For example the lines under the mall are labelled as tunnels and rendered as
such, but the platforms aren't. At each end of the station the  platforms
emerge from under the mall into the open air, but they're still below street
level. I've also not managed to display the  platform nos. As to the
internal entrances to the station down escalators from within the mall - I
just gave up!

And to further complicate matters the pedestrian entrance to the mall from
the North is at ground level, but the pedestrian entrance to the station
from the taxi-car entrance to the SE is also at ground level but one level
down from the mall - so there's a ground slope to take into account also.

Anyway the station is currently undergoing a multimillion pound multimonth
major redevelopment  so I can wait until it's finished before  I try to
improve its map. It might be a bit less complicated by the time they've
finished but I don't think the track/platform layout is altering.


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