[Talk-transit] Proposed Feature - RFC - Public Transport

Dominik Mahrer (Teddy) teddy at teddy.ch
Mon Dec 27 21:09:38 GMT 2010

Hi Richard

On 12/22/2010 12:16 AM, Richard Mann wrote:
>> But what would you suggest to use as the stop_position for bus stops, if you
>> would have to decide?
> I would expect data users to infer it from the position of the bus
> stop. Logically, you could mark a node for the stop_position between
> the bus-stop and the way (or even on the way if the stop_position
> blocks all traffic on the way). But this is pretty pointless - data
> users will probably ignore them anyway, and infer it from the bus stop
> location.

Data users can do with the data what they think it is best. Also Mappers 
can map what they think it is best. If this is congruent is another 

I guess you will never map a stop_position. Other mappers want to map a 
stop_position. At the moment they abuse highway=bus_stop as 
stop_position. There is no (approved/rendered) alternative.

I think you agree that this is not an optimal solution.

What do you suggest these mappers to use for as stop_position?


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