[Talk-transit] NaPTAN MET and PLT codes

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All NaPTAN data was supplied to OSM - so MET and PLT codes are present.  In
the case of PLT, however, the data in London has been defined for historic
reasons in a manner which does not reflect the public-facing platform
numbers at stations - a PLT exists where TfL considers there to be a
separate location, so each one often refers to two (or sometimes more)
platform edges.

Happy to discuss further off-list if there are more details that you need.

Best wishes


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Apologies for the newbie question, but I cannot find out the answer 
to this on the OSM Wiki or in the talk-transit archives.

Does the version of NaPTAN passed to OSM contain MET and PLT codes 
(http://www.pti.org.uk/met.htm), and if so, will they get OSM tags?

Comments in the table here:
suggest they are not in the released data.

I am liaising with GLA at present regarding TfL's release of data to 
the London DataStore... and these codes are important potential 
referencing for the output of live departures, timetabling and 
juorney planning. If the codes are not in the public domain, then we 
can't use them as a referencing system... but if they are not in the 
public domain, developers will create another set of references. 
Circular problem!

Thanks for your help in advance!

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