[Talk-transit] JOSM Plugin

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Sat Feb 6 14:00:48 GMT 2010


thank you for trying the plugin.

> Cool. So far I've seen a new menu item "Public transport" having
> appearing in my main menu. Anything else to discover?

No, that's all so far. At the moment, the plugin facilitates to build bus 
services when the underlying streets and bus stops already exist. This wizard 
can be accessed via the menu item in this menu.

A second wizard should simplify adding bus stops such that one can map them by 
just going by a particular bus line with a gps logger in the pocket plus some 
mouse clicks. But I think, I should rather complete the first wizard, then 
start the second.

> If you were asking for a wishlist: Double-click routes or stops should
> actually select the relation/node and center the editor's view on the
> latter.

Do you mean "Double-click" on stops on the map should center the stop in the  
editor window. Or double click in the editor should center the map to the 
item? How are routes (i.e. relations) visible in the map (I have not found 

> What's the "Tags"-tab used for? It's empty when I loaded my 
> Leipzig public transport data.

I'm sorry, the "tags" tab is not yet implemented. I'll do this next, but one 
has to use the standard relation editor as a replacement for the moment.

> I haven't discovered yet how the "Suggest stops" feature works.

The idea behind this is that adding an itinerary and adding the bus stops for 
a certain service means to do essentially twice the same thing. Generating 
the bus stops automatically from a given itinerary is easier than the other 
way round. Thus, this is implemented so far.

The algorithm takes the given itinerary (this is a long sequence of line 
segments) and adds all bus stops that are closer to one of these line 
segments than the threshold "Maximum distance from routes" and one side. As 
bus stops usually appear in both directions but buses have doors only on one 
side, all stops in the correct direction must be either on the right hand 
side or all on the left hand side. To illustrate

For the sake of simplicity, the "suggest stops" replaces all previous stops 
and assigns no role to the bus stops. But this behaviour can be changed if 
otherwise useful.



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