[Talk-transit] Talk-transit Digest, Vol 14, Issue 4

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Fri Feb 12 22:29:20 GMT 2010

Dear Tiziano,

> Just I have one issue: In this way the sketch from your site (i.e.
> is drawn thinking that all
> stops are in one direction only, while in every relation all the stops I
> put are ordered and with the tag "forward_stop" for one direction &
> "backward_stop" for the opposite one.

I've worked on that problem this evening. The problem is that there is no 
clear standard whether the stop in back-direction should be ordered as the 
bus passes them (e.g. relation 381001) or ordered in the same way as the 
forward stops (e.g. relation 365296). That's one of the reasons why I prefer 
separated relations for each direction. Anyway, I've extended the SVG creator 
script to cope with that: try
use "backspace" when the backward stops are ordered as the forward stops 
or "backtime" when the backward stops are ordered in the order the bus serves 
them. The paired relations and the simple relations
are of course still available.

> Then I'd like to know how the sketch deals with lines with two (or more)
> branches (as number 6,10,11,12,15,22 in Padova, check OPNVKarte or
> OSMTransport:
> http://3liz.fr/public/osmtransport/index.php?country=Italy&location=Padova)
>, that sometimes have even different stops in the two directions.

I don't have an idea yet. I think there are questions on both sides: how 
should we represent a branch in the line diagram and how can the server offer 
a comfortable way to provide all the necessary parameters?

> Is it possible to save the sketches in some image or PDF format (or SVG)?

Yes, this should be perfectly possible. For me it works in Firefox as well as 
in Konqueror by choosing the respective command from the menue ("Save 
file ..." in Firefox). There are also a couple of other options
* Use wget:
* Create a html link on another webiste to the URL and use "Save Link 
Target ..."
* Configure your browser not to show SVG itself but rather offer to download.
You can then use the program "inkscape" to cleanup the file and to convert the 
SVG to whatever you like.



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