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Sat Feb 13 15:38:01 GMT 2010

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 23:29, Roland Olbricht <roland.olbricht at gmx.de>wrote:

> I've worked on that problem this evening. The problem is that there is no
> clear standard whether the stop in back-direction should be ordered as the
> bus passes them (e.g. relation 381001) or ordered in the same way as the
> forward stops (e.g. relation 365296). That's one of the reasons why I
> prefer
> separated relations for each direction. Anyway, I've extended the SVG
> creator
> script to cope with that: try
> use "backspace" when the backward stops are ordered as the forward stops
> or "backtime" when the backward stops are ordered in the order the bus
> serves
> them. The paired relations and the simple relations
> are of course still available.

That's so cool! Well, I have used that format for line 365296 cause in that
case the stops are the same node, placed on the way for both directions,
cause it's a tramway, and I would have to insert them twice in the relation,
right?, while in the other cases, the bus stops are placed off the way and a
single node corresponds to a single bus stop. But as it works in both cases,
then i think we shouldn't worry...

> I don't have an idea yet. I think there are questions on both sides: how
> should we represent a branch in the line diagram and how can the server
> offer
> a comfortable way to provide all the necessary parameters?

It's probably useful to consider as lines with branches lines with same
route_ref and, for example, considering the tag state=alternate (and
hopefully, same operator=) and then let the script check whenever the ways
and nodes are differing.

Yes, this should be perfectly possible.


Then I noticed that on some lines, if I tagged the terminus only with role
"stop" it doesn't show the terminus or shows it only on one direction.
Should I include twice the terminus in the relation?

And, do you think you could add the option to show also the lines stopping
at the same given stop (and eventually symbols for nearby park + ride or
bus/train stations?

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