[Talk-transit] swiss stations

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Sat Feb 13 17:11:48 GMT 2010

datendelphin wrote:
> Hello
> The swiss government has an official list of train, tram and bus stops.
> I am now working on merging the data with the OSM data. For those who
> are interested, I plotted the coverage of OSM today, compared to this
> list. You can find the plot on the wiki
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/EN:Switzerland/DIDOK
Elsewhere on the site it states that the information is Copyright: 
Authorities of the Swiss Confederation, 2006.

I think that you need to get written permission to use these data.  OSM 
needs to remain very clean over the import of data to be sure that we 
have the right to use this.  If you are not sure, don't import it.

Cheers, Chris

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