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Sat Feb 13 18:24:18 GMT 2010

Yes I do have permission (details are posted on the swiss mailing list,
in German unfortunately:
In short: They State that the list is public, and we may use it like we
want. They don't want us to mirror the excel file, but I have no reason
to do so anyway.

Cheers, Datendelphin

Chris Hill wrote:
> datendelphin wrote:
>> Hello
>> The swiss government has an official list of train, tram and bus stops.
>> I am now working on merging the data with the OSM data. For those who
>> are interested, I plotted the coverage of OSM today, compared to this
>> list. You can find the plot on the wiki
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/EN:Switzerland/DIDOK
> Elsewhere on the site it states that the information is Copyright: 
> Authorities of the Swiss Confederation, 2006.
> I think that you need to get written permission to use these data.  OSM 
> needs to remain very clean over the import of data to be sure that we 
> have the right to use this.  If you are not sure, don't import it.
> Cheers, Chris
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