[Talk-transit] Talk-transit Digest, Vol 14, Issue 4

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Thu Feb 18 01:04:45 GMT 2010

> That's so cool! Well, I have used that format for line 365296 cause in that
> case the stops are the same node, placed on the way for both directions,
> cause it's a tramway, and I would have to insert them twice in the
>  relation, right?, while in the other cases, the bus stops are placed off
>  the way and a single node corresponds to a single bus stop. But as it
>  works in both cases, then i think we shouldn't worry...
> > I don't have an idea yet. I think there are questions on both sides: how
> > should we represent a branch in the line diagram and how can the server
> > offer
> > a comfortable way to provide all the necessary parameters?

Well, it had been quite a hard piece of work, but now lines with branches 
should work:
The special characters should be generated by the browser, thusà&ref=22
should also work.



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