[Talk-transit] Issues with evening / sundays routes

Tiziano D'Angelo tiziano.dangelo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 11:23:42 GMT 2010

Hello to everyone,

I'd like to hear your opinion about a specific issue I encountered
during the mapping of Padova, Italy bus and tram network. I discussed
this issue with Roland and we thought it was good to have a discussion
here on the list.

There are some daytime routes, line 3,5,10 as examples, which have
limited or extended routes in the evening (and maintain the same line
number). I have started drawing evening line 10 with a new relation,
which has an extended route to see what it happens.
The result is here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/417179
Line 10 is also a daytime line, and basically, I understood I should
be using a same ref either for the daytime and evening routes. But
this causes a problem for example in OPNV and OSMTransport, where the
line 10 would be also shown in the extended route. Same thing in
Roland's generator, that combines all the routes with same ref into
one sketch (because some routes have branches and so on).
I was thinking that I could be using either:
- a different network tag or a network relation in these evening or
sunday routes: separate network relations. There would be then one
network for Monday to
Friday, another network for Sundays and another for evenings. I have
started putting APS Mobilità Serale or APS Mobilità Festivo to
distinguish from APS Mobilità (regular daytime network). But this
causes anyway trouble in OPNV,OSMT or Roland's generator because they
don't seem to distinguish the different network tag (and Roland's
generator is coupling the evening line to the daytime line).
- a different ref tag, like 10S for evening line 10 or 12F for sunday
line 12. In this way OPNV,OSM Transport and Roland's generator would
show these lines as separated from the daytime route.
- what else? any other suggestion?

Then, what tag should be used in the route relation to express that
that line is running Monday-Saturday or Sunday only? I've been using
day_on=Mo-Sa or day_on=Su so far. What about operating times? Should I
use opening_hours=21:00-24:00 for an evening line?

The operating day and times are also important because using them can
be used as a filter on the correspondances: for example, on weekday
daytime only (Monday-Saturday 6:30-21:00) line 9
I don't want to see line 42 correspondances (Sunday only 7:00-21:00),
or evening line 10 (Mo-Su 21:00-24:00), because actually in reality
these correspondances are not possible :D

I'm waiting for your inputs :)



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