[Talk-transit] Issues with evening / sundays routes

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Thu Feb 25 21:46:08 GMT 2010

Le 25/02/10 12:23, Tiziano D'Angelo a écrit :
> Hello to everyone,
> - a different network tag or a network relation in these evening or
> sunday routes: separate network relations. There would be then one
> network for Monday to
> Friday, another network for Sundays and another for evenings. I have
> started putting APS Mobilità Serale or APS Mobilità Festivo to
> distinguish from APS Mobilità (regular daytime network). But this
> causes anyway trouble in OPNV,OSMT or Roland's generator because they
> don't seem to distinguish the different network tag (and Roland's
> generator is coupling the evening line to the daytime line).
On http://www.ginkobus.com/maps.php there are several "sub-network"
week, week-end, sub-urban.
I'm in favour of this solution :
- making sub-networks (Mobilità, Mobilità Serale...) gathering the
different routes of same period.
- making 'line' relations gathering the different routes of same ref.
- using the opening_hours tag on the sub-network / or on the route if
too specific
> - a different ref tag, like 10S for evening line 10 or 12F for sunday
> line 12. In this way OPNV,OSM Transport and Roland's generator would
> show these lines as separated from the daytime route.
> - what else? any other suggestion?

> Then, what tag should be used in the route relation to express that
> that line is running Monday-Saturday or Sunday only? I've been using
> day_on=Mo-Sa or day_on=Su so far. What about operating times? Should I
> use opening_hours=21:00-24:00 for an evening line?
One would use the day_on tag for monday to friday and for the week-end
An other would use the opening_hours tag with Mo-Fr 08:30-20:00 on
routes and a night opening_hours for night network.
The opening_hours include the day_on syntax.
So let us take the wider.
> The operating day and times are also important because using them can
> be used as a filter on the correspondances: for example, on weekday
> daytime only (Monday-Saturday 6:30-21:00) line 9
> (
> I don't want to see line 42 correspondances (Sunday only 7:00-21:00),
> or evening line 10 (Mo-Su 21:00-24:00), because actually in reality
> these correspondances are not possible :D
So the answer is not in using different ref but in using an
opening_hours tag.
> I'm waiting for your inputs :)
> ciao
> Tiziano
> http://padovatrasporti.blogspot.com
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