[Talk-transit] OSM / OPNV-Karte to Excel/SVG

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Tue Jan 26 19:59:47 GMT 2010

> I wonder if it's possible to query for multiple routes at once and not just
> for one at a time...

or the respective version with forward and backward.

What I have forgotten to metion is that the server is always some hours behind 
and updates roughly every 6 hours. This is due to the computation of areas. 
You can check the state of the server with any from query
by then looking in the XML code and look for the line
<meta data_included_until=[some date]/>
in the header.

> On the Italian OSM ML one guy wrote a little program in C# which does
> exactly that, putting all stops on a straight line, showing which stops
> have connection with other lines in different colours [and I'm sure it is
> also possible to show the numers of the lines passing by]...
> My knowledge of programming is absolutely limited, but maybe we could check
> that script together..

Hey, that sounds great! Can you send me a copy to 
mailto:roland.olbricht at gmx.de ? Please ask which license applies to it.

> I'd love to, but as I told I know basically nothing...but I can support
> with testing and other stuff.

Well, this will be also of great help. I'll send something as soon as 

> It would be also nice to see in OPNVKarte some option to select which bus
> routes to show on the map. I saw some stuff is in German, I could help with
> the translation in English, French, Italian.

Well, I've no idea about that, but just send the link. As I am German, it 
would be easy for me to read German.



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