[Talk-transit] NaPTAN - Time for the rest?

Roger Slevin roger at slevin.plus.com
Sat Mar 13 14:56:53 GMT 2010


If you want a refresh of the NaPTAN dataset, then just ask me .... and I
will arrange for this be made available.  I appreciate that this could be a
two-edged sword .... it would update the data, but in the areas where work
has already been done on the data from a year ago, it may over-write any
local edits made to that data - or has this already been taken into account,
so that new data would sit alongside existing data and would only be
accepted if it is appropriate at each location?



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Hello all,
It's now been more than a year since we got permission to import the
NaPTAN dataset, so far only 53 of the 143 counties that we have the
data for have been imported.

So, in short, is it time for the rest to be dumped in?

Discussion please.


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