[Talk-transit] New versions of NaPTAN now publicly available under free license?

Thomas Wood grand.edgemaster at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 12:42:36 GMT 2010

The dumps that OSM has imported (and still is slowly importing, when I 
get around to it), were provided directly by the DfT via their NaPTAN 
download site, which always contains the current dataset (I believe 
updated at least daily).

I will continue to import the dataset that is dated as 1st August 2009 
22:21:35, so that we have a consistent set of data across the whole of 
the UK.

Future update processes will be designed in such a way to replace data 
that has not been touched by OSM users, and flag possible conflicts 
between OSM and any NaPTAN changes for human review.


Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Hi,
> I've not posted on this list before, but I wanted to check people here
> were aware that NaPTAN is now available via data.gov.uk (I heard about
> this via http://twitter.com/traveline).  New versions are supposed to
> become available quarterly.
> There are references to the DfT's Terms of Use, but data.gov.uk quite
> clearly states the license as "UK Crown Copyright with data.gov.uk
> rights".  data.gov.uk doesn't seem to give a comprehensive,
> legally-worded license agreement but it does include statements
> resembling the CC-BY license summary.
> Would this be an acceptable data source for future OSM import/update
> efforts?  Is this more up-to-date than the dump provided by ITO?  The
> root node's ModificationDateTime attribute is "2010-03-17T10:52:24" so
> I'd imagine so.
> I don't know how a regular OSM user could fulfil the attribution
> requirement though, so maybe any imports of this would have to be
> handled specially, just as they currently are.  (Where is the current
> attribution of copyright for the dump provided by ITO, by the way?)
> Thanks.
> Regards,

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