[Talk-transit] New versions of NaPTAN now publicly available under free license?

Roger Slevin roger at slevin.plus.com
Mon Mar 22 13:54:12 GMT 2010

As the person who arranged the NaPTAN data supply for OSM - which Ito then
managed in a technical sense - I can confirm that it will remain possible
for OSM to take occasional downloads of data for NaPTAN.  Whether you want
to do so through data.gov.uk where they appear to have taken a snapshot of
complete national data in a single file (I was not aware of how often they
proposed to update that source), or from the NaPTAN download site which is
updated daily and from which local files can be obtained separately, is a
matter of OSM community's choice. Both options are available.


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The dumps that OSM has imported (and still is slowly importing, when I 
get around to it), were provided directly by the DfT via their NaPTAN 
download site, which always contains the current dataset (I believe 
updated at least daily).

I will continue to import the dataset that is dated as 1st August 2009 
22:21:35, so that we have a consistent set of data across the whole of 
the UK.

Future update processes will be designed in such a way to replace data 
that has not been touched by OSM users, and flag possible conflicts 
between OSM and any NaPTAN changes for human review.


Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Hi,
> I've not posted on this list before, but I wanted to check people here
> were aware that NaPTAN is now available via data.gov.uk (I heard about
> this via http://twitter.com/traveline).  New versions are supposed to
> become available quarterly.
> There are references to the DfT's Terms of Use, but data.gov.uk quite
> clearly states the license as "UK Crown Copyright with data.gov.uk
> rights".  data.gov.uk doesn't seem to give a comprehensive,
> legally-worded license agreement but it does include statements
> resembling the CC-BY license summary.
> Would this be an acceptable data source for future OSM import/update
> efforts?  Is this more up-to-date than the dump provided by ITO?  The
> root node's ModificationDateTime attribute is "2010-03-17T10:52:24" so
> I'd imagine so.
> I don't know how a regular OSM user could fulfil the attribution
> requirement though, so maybe any imports of this would have to be
> handled specially, just as they currently are.  (Where is the current
> attribution of copyright for the dump provided by ITO, by the way?)
> Thanks.
> Regards,

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