[Talk-transit] London undergroud accessibility data

Christopher Osborne christopher.osborne at itoworld.com
Tue Mar 23 16:29:54 GMT 2010

I have been having a little chat with the people over at the London
Datastore, and they will be releasing data on friday:

"London Underground Station Accessibility

Here is a list of the individual datasets with brief description of what
they contain.

   - 1. Station Access using alternative entrances
   - 2. Detailed information on barriers
   - 3. Detailed information on car parking accessibility
   - 4. Detailed information on London Underground entrances
   - 5. Detailed information on escalators in stations
   - 6. Detailed information on helppoints
   - 7. Detailed information on lifts
   - 8. Comments on issues by station by object (ramps, gates, display
   boards etc.)
   - 9. Information on multi-stair within stations
   - 10. Information on step free stations by step gap
   - 11. Detailed information on stairs
   - 12. Text information on all sub objects
   - 13. Questions asked of On Duty Supervisors re range of services and
   customer service approaches (hearing impaired, wheelchair access,
   alternative journey planning information etc.)
   - 14. Detailed information on Ticket Machines
   - 15. Detailed information on toilets
   - 16. Detailed information on ticket offices
   - 17. Information on accessible platforms"


They are really hopeful that people will make use of the data to show TfL
how useful it is, and encourage them to release more.

Happy to chat with anyone off list
Christopher Osborne
Business Development Director
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