[Talk-transit] [Sketch-line] suggestion of improvement

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Tue Mar 30 16:41:47 BST 2010

> Suggestion of improvement Sketch-line from an example :
> The ways forward and backward are not on the same streets for the line 7
> in Besançon.
> The Scheme
> * relation:line
> ** relation:route
> ** relation:route
> is very powerfull in this case
> So I have drawn from the SVG above what could be an improvement of the
> rendering. (i'm not very skilfull with Inkscape)
> http://frvipofm.net/osm/sketch-line/7+.svg

First of all, thank you for the suggestions. I'll try to implement as much as 
possible. To the details:
Splitting the line bar in two directions is possible. Also stopname printed 
below the line bar, but this excludes with printing correspondences below the 
line bar. Thus it will become an option. But the problem is that the generator 
doesn't use any way data so far, just the names and positions of the stops. So 
it will take a larger rework of the data model to make this possible. I'm 
thinking about this but I have not yet a good idea how to do.

> The line 27 has different length. Compare the relation 154149 & 532894.
> The queue, could be drawn dashed.
> But i'm unable to write code for that. I can only have ideas of
> improvement...

What do you mean exactly? Relation 532894 has only two stops, but the 
itinerary looks a lot longer. Is this intended? So, should the longer section 
of the line be dashed from De Vigny to Funiculaire?



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