[Talk-transit] Summary of Public Transport Proposal Criticism -> a real example from Zürich

Michał Borsuk michal.borsuk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 09:43:25 GMT 2011

Am 10.02.2011 19:50, schrieb Michael von Glasow:
> What I
> am certain of is that OSM can represent public transport routes,
> possibly with some concessions on precision (such as not handling some
> route variants).

Yes and no. That is, to some extent: in cities perhaps all the main 
lines, but not all. Not even 90% with difficult concessions.

The present trend (at least in the places in Europe I've analyzed) is 
that "line" is a collection of "runs", not a single path from a to b. 
The line itself is more and more often obscured from the user, because 
modern routing software (namely HAFAS in Germany) allows such management.

You will not find a list of routes on the website of my transport 
company. All that is available is a map, but with very simplified route 
display. Granted, I don't live in a typical city, it's an urban 
nightmare, neither dense city, nor a village, rather a spread suburb, 
but it's not unique in Europe, and very usual in North America.

Bottom line: the concept of line as known is disappearing in many places.



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