[Talk-transit] Importing bus stops without names on sign

Martin Weilandt martin137 at gmx.net
Fri Apr 22 18:31:59 UTC 2016


after mapping the bus stops here in Florianópolis (Brazil) on our own for several years, one of our volunteers finally received a complete table with coordinates and other information of some two thousand stops from the city. Since we are not yet completely sure how to deal with stops without a name on their signs (some even without any sign at all), I wondered if someone here might have some idea.

Some stops have official names on their sign containing the name of the street and a reference number (starting from 01 in each street). So we always put this combination into "name". The stops without sign or just with a bus symbol don't have any tag "name".

The list of the city contains three columns relevant in this context: The name of the street, the official reference number within the street (which does not always coincide with the number mentioned above) and an entry with the closest house number ("in front of no. 1234" or "opposite no. 1234" and maybe a short reference point). I put the first two columns into the OSM tags addr:street and ref:pmf (with pmf standing for our city government). Since the last information can also be useful for users or perhaps for some GTFS exports in the future (which would demand a name for every stop), I used to put it into some tag like description, but wonder if there may be anything more specific. Or is that too much redundance and we should put this information only temporarily into the stop nodes and hope that in the future someone creates addr tags next to all of these stops (which may lead to slightly incorrect addresses).

Just for the record: Here is an example of a stop already surveyed by us to which I added the official data from the city:

Here is a stop of which we don't know if it has a name on the shelter, so I only imported all the official data mentioned above: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4125708518

And here is a stop which (according to the city) does not have any sign (so the user needs to know the house number to wait at the right spot):

I'd appreciate any hints and perhaps experiences from other parts of the world (probably struggling with similar problems).


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