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Sun Oct 30 17:33:16 UTC 2016


I'm currently coding on a osm2gtfs script
(https://github.com/grote/osm2gtfs) to make it work in a more generic
way for more than one city (for which it was created for initially). And
I like my code to be readable and understandable intuitively. Because we
are all no native English speakers (two Germans and one Costa Rican) I'd
like to ask for some feedback on naming issues:

There are different concepts of routes in OpenStreetMap and GTFS.
Sometimes they are not existent or ambiguous.

1. A general public transport service (e.g. No. 38):
In OSM: "route_master" in GTFS: "route"

2. A theoretical tour a bus takes, but without schedule information, it
represents one each for different direction, but also if one is shorter
than the other   
In OSM: "route"; in GTFS: /not existent/

3. An actual tour a bus takes, on a certain time
In OSM" not existen; in GTFS: "trip"

Route: Is used for different concepts (I guess because of British and
American English)
Routemaster:  Is a very technical term. I thinks, it's not
understandable when looking at it naively (isn't this the bus driver?)

It call them 1: Service Line; 2. Route Variant 3: Trip

English native speakers, please help: Does this make sense to you? Would
you suggest other terms for the concepts to be even more understandable?

Thank you very much!


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