[Talk-transit] Naming concepts

Felix Delattre felix-lists at delattre.de
Mon Oct 31 10:01:13 UTC 2016

On 31/10/16 10:05, Roland Olbricht wrote:
>>>> 1. A general public transport service (e.g. No. 38):
>>>> In OSM: "route_master" in GTFS: "route"
>> For me that is a line. It has a line number. (which sometimes is not
>> simply
>> numeric, so it's more of a symbol, but OK)
>>>> 2. A theoretical tour a bus takes, but without schedule
>>>> information, it
>>>> represents one each for different direction, but also if one is
>>>> shorter
>>>> than the other
>>>> In OSM: "route"; in GTFS: /not existent/
>> I would call those itinerary. If OSM had started out with that term, we
>> wouldn't have the ambiguity today. But route is used for
>> foot/bicycle/horse
>> and PT itineraries. For PT I resorted to call them route variations, but
>> they are 'represented' by route relations in OSM.
> I fully support that wording. 

I also like them. Thanks, Jo!
But isn't "line" an European wording? Would an English native speaker
intuitively understand the concepts of "line" and "itinerary"? I always
thought a "line" is more likely to understand as a network or public
transport operator for US boys and girls - but (hopefully) I might be wrong.

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