[Talk-transit] Google Summer of Code 2017 JOSM PT_Assistant plugin

Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Thu May 4 17:21:31 UTC 2017

Giacomo Servadei was accepted  for continuing development on the JOSM
PT_Assistant plugin. Darya Golovko started to work on this plugin last
year  and she succeeded in making the mapping and correcting of public
transport route relations a lot more convenient and efficient. She will be
co-mentoring the project this year. Michael Zangl will help by doing review
of the Java code, even though he is mentoring another JOSM related GSoC

I'm not entirely sure if it's wise to cross post this message (so sorry if
it wasn't)

* To the JOSM-dev mailing list: please welcome Giacomo. He may have some
questions for you along the way. And maybe some of you want to help out by
looking at the code too.

* To the public_transport mailing list:


The above is what I have in mind to work on this year. Maybe you see things
I missed, or you want to help with beta testing. Please let me know. If the
plugin has issues, don't hesitate to create tickets on JOSM's bug tracker (

I'm prepared to do Hangout sessions to discuss mapping of public transport
in OpenStreetMap.

I also want to extend the scope of the plugin, so  it works for hiking and
cycling route relations. The semantics are a bit different than public
transport version 2 route relations, but a lot of what is in the plugin can
be reused for those itineraries.

Due to how GSoC works, it may take until the end of June before we start
seeing results. During the month of May we are mostly doing preparation
during the community bonding period.

The plugin is already available to work with in JOSM though. And it is
already very useful for detecting problems and fixing some of them. So
please try it and give us some feedback.

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