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2017-10-05 0:09 GMT+02:00 Mikolai-Alexander G├╝tschow <
mikolai.guetschow at t-online.de>:

> Now, I've looked again at the Oxomoa scheme proposal which already
> suggested an idea to differentiate between different bus route types by
> using the key "bus". Are there any arguments against this approach? We
> should only discuss possible values such as long_distance or intercity,
> suburban, urban, school, shuttle, express, train_replacement etc.

the key "bus" is already used nearly a million times:
it is used as an access tag and also to say which kind of vehicle stops at
a public_transport platform / stop.
Common values are:
"yes" 98%
"no" 0,5%
"designated" 0,5%
"urban" 0,1%
"unofficial" 0,1%

I agree the values you propose can be interesting, especially
long_distance, train_replacement (although this is generally a temporary
thing for hyperactive high density mapping areas), school, urban, "shuttle"
I wouldn't suburban, but would see them included in urban
intercity is also somehow unclear, as cities might be very close together
(i.e. it's kind of "urban") or very far away. "long_distance" seems less
ambiguous (althoug it is also relative, maybe your list lacks some kind of
"regional" which can be used both, in metropolitan and in rural areas for
"medium" distance routes).
On the other hand, while the distinction by function (school,
train_replacement, shuttle, express) is not (clearly) inferrable from other
properties, the distance travelled and the admin entities served can easily
be gotten from looking at the actually route.

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