[Talk-transit] Bus Service - Route - end of life

Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Mon Sep 24 11:41:29 UTC 2018

Hi Tony

On 24/09/2018 12:31, Tony Shield wrote:
> Hi
> My local bus operator has ceased to operate a route, so the question 
> is what is the best way to handle this end-of-life cycle?
> Should I delete the relation or is there an end date tag which says 
> that the route is no longer running?

If it's been complete removed & not renumbered/rerouted then it should 
be deleted. OSM is a database for "real & current" entities.

> Conversely is there a start date tag?  - my operator announces new  
> bus routes in advance - I can create the relations in advance but 
> should they be published in advance of them actually running?

Create them using https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:proposed. Then 
on the day they go live remove the prefix.

> And do the PT maps groups respect such start and end-dates?
> When I get answers should I update the wiki?

Which pages?


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