[Talk-transit] Ideas for a simplified public transportation scheme

Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Sat May 4 17:32:12 UTC 2019

On 04/05/2019 16:01, John Whelan wrote:
> So can the proposal build on existing highway=bus_stop? 

I've yet to hear a reason why.

> On reason for this is a number of cites have imported their bus stops 
> from Open Data which ensures completeness.  ie all the bus stops in 
> the city are present and occasionally they are reimported to catch any 
> new bus stops or removal of others.  Changing from bus stops means 
> everyone who does this sort of import has to reconfigure their import 
> system and doing that will be awkward and may lead to a bus stop being 
> mapped twice.

*All* edits from a single node to a world wide mass import requires care 
& attention.It shouldn't prevent the database quality rom being 
improved. I don't equate change with being awkward

> Also there are existing tutorials on how to map a bus stop.  Many will 
> be local so finding them to correct them will be a major problem.

I don't understand. Tutorials are local, or do you mean bus stops? Local 
to what? All entities are locatable.
Please expand.


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