[Talk-transit] Ideas for a simplified public transportation scheme

Richard Mann richard.mann.westoxford at gmail.com
Tue May 7 20:51:52 UTC 2019

My impression is that this mess arises because bus stops are
uni-directional and independent from the opposite direction. So we're used
to having them as separate entities to the side of the road.

Whereas tram stops are often in a single location for both directions (or
close enough), so we want a single entity on the way, so at low zooms we
can have a single symbol and single name label. Just like railway stations.
These nodes are just labels.

Me: I'd probably use highway=bus_stop for tram stops that are like bus
stops, and add highway=platform for stops that have them, and attach
whichever off-way entity seems most appropriate to the relation and let the
data user figure it out.

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