[Talk-transit] Ideas for a simplified public transportation scheme

Snusmumriken snusmumriken.mapper at runbox.com
Mon May 13 07:48:49 UTC 2019

On Sun, 2019-05-12 at 20:55 +0200, Tijmen Stam wrote:
> a "public_transport=platform" is not defined as being "platform"
> (raised good concrete flooring) but as "the place where people wait
> to board a bus/tram/train". Whatever form that is.
> It is not uncommon for key/values to be misnomers in OSM. Clearest 
> example is private-access ways being tagged as highway=* (plus 
> access=no) which is a misnomer in British English (which we use)

Misnomers should clearly be avoided if at all possible. And here it is
quite possible, by calling a bus stop a bus stop.

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