[Talk-transit] Old Railways

Mike N niceman at att.net
Sat May 18 20:55:25 UTC 2019

   This is a good point, but what if OpenRailwayMap were able to pull 
from OpenHistoricalMap to generate a complete picture of the network? 
I say 'picture' because it wouldn't be connected for routing purposes, 
but it should appear connected on a map tile.   I have no idea how much 
additional work that would be for OpenRailwayMap to show.

On 5/18/2019 11:40 AM, Tim Saunders wrote:
> I suspect I am a lone voice but I don't agree.� The thing that 
> differentiates railways from a lot of historical features is they form a 
> network, some if which is still an operating railway and a lot of which 
> is still visible in the ground.� Having the extant sections in one 
> database and the razed/dismantled sections in another is just making it 
> unnecessarily complex to form a picture of the entire network, which for 
> the sake of a few additional ways on OSM (which I agree would not 
> generally be rendered) can be easily solved.
> Regards,
> Tim Saunders

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