[Talk-transit] OSM Inspector Validates Stop Positions

Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Wed Feb 10 18:24:24 UTC 2021


the OSM Inspector by Geofabrik which has had a view for PTv2 routes for
some time, got a new validation rules for stop positions. It now checks
whether the stop position is on the route and whether the stop positions
of a route are ordered.

(relation 1299964, node 5809458016)

Notes about this feature:

- If stop positions are misordered, the route gets reported as in valid.
- If a stop position belongs to a way with an non-empty role (e.g.
  the invalid role "forward"), it gets reported as "stop not on way".
- If two or more stop positions are swapped but belong to the same way,
  their swapping will not be reported. The current implementation look
  at way level only. This is a weakness of the current implementation
  and will be changed at some point in future. I don't know when this
  will happen.
- If the ways of a route are not ordered correctly, stops might be
  reported as misordered. The implementation assumes that the ways are
- Routes without public_transport:version=2 are not validated (this
  applies to all validations).
- Platforms are not validated like this (this featuer will appear one
  day but I don't know when).

If you find a bug, please file it at GitHub, respond to this message or
email Geofabrik.

You can run the code that validates the data yourself. It is open source
and available under GPLv3 at
The programme writes its output as a SpatiaLite file which you can view
using QGIS.

Best regards


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