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有 Bing 看 Bing 卻忘了無 Bing 強身

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Hello Parveen,

On 14.08.2011 11:02, Parveen Arora wrote:
> Please see the my city map of jalandhar on the openstreetmap.org
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=31.2841&lon=75.5262&zoom=12&layers=M
> According to me there must be  some technique like Image Processing
> for doing this due to which it has been possible.

the magic thing is called Bing imagery.

In Potlatch as well as in Josm you can enable high resolution aerial
images in the background to trace the road geometry. Using this you
can map an area really quick.

Looks like this used did this a lot.

Unfortunately the roads lack important things like street names.

If it is good to have such remote mapping or bad depends on how the
people "on the ground" react. Adding a whole street including geometry
is imho a lot more rewarding then just entering street names.

It people don't mind or even see it as a support then it's great.
Armchair mapping is not that different from data imports. Think of it
as a "geometry import".


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