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Sorry this has taken so long, folks. I have been fighting my video editing
software (and/or my hardware), which has prevented me from achieving a good
a result as I wanted.

In the end I have had to settle for a lower res version, and it has some
rough edges. The worst of these is that in a few places where I have frozen
the video for voiceover, it goes very blurry. However, I had to call it a
day somewhere (if anyone has some really good hardware and Kdenlive, I am
happy to send you the file if you wish to render at a higher res).

I have focused on tracing a road from Bing, but also mentioned how to add
further imagery from the wiki.

Here it is:


I hope this is in time still to be of use to someone. If it is, please
publicise it as you see fit, as I will be away from home and offline for a
few days, so won't have time to do so myself.



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