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OpenStreetBugs 退休 party

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Date: 2013/12/23
Subject: [OSM-talk] OpenStreetBugs PhaseOut: help needed, Mapping party
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Hi all,

the adding of new bugs with the OSB homepage has been disabled two month
ago. Since last week the Notes system has more open bugs than OSB has.
OpenStreetbugs: 29000 open bugs
Notes: 31000 open bugs

Since that about 1/3 of all open bugs in OSB has been fixed. But if we
keep that pace it will still take 4 month to fix the remaining bugs.

Most of the bugs are in Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, ....
see details at the bottom on the stats page: [1]

I'd like to make a mapping party to fix and close all the remaining
bugs. If you have some time after christmas, please help.

I've created a wikipage, to organize the mapping party. [2]

My current setup to fix bugs is:
* JOSM with OpenStreetBugs and OpenStreetMap Notes plugin
* osb_fixing tool see [1]
* http://translate.google.de to translate foreign languages

... but you can just use any other tool to fix bugs in your local area,
country, ....

[1] http://www.h-renrew.de/h/osm/osmchecks/09_osb_phaseout/
[2] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenStreetBugs/Phase_Out

Werner (werner2101)

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