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Dennis Raylin Chen b92612009於gmail.com
Fri 4月 30 09:15:23 UTC 2021

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可以留意台灣的 changeset 狀況


On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 5:12 PM Dennis Raylin Chen <b92612009於gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> 最近美光之亂也影響到台灣,美光后里廠一帶大量新人繪製,
> 但不少是有問題的編輯,
> 比方把廠區誤標成建築。
> 對比他們 changeset 的 Tasking Manager 編號,也不在台灣,並不是后里,卻來編計劃範圍外的后里
> 追蹤美光在台灣的編輯狀況的 OSMCha連結
> https://osmcha.org/changesets/103444486?filters=%7B%22comment%22%3A%5B%7B%22label%22%3A%22gomicron21%22%2C%22value%22%3A%22gomicron21%22%7D%5D%2C%22date__gte%22%3A%5B%7B%22label%22%3A%222021-03-01%22%2C%22value%22%3A%222021-03-01%22%7D%5D%2C%22geometry%22%3A%5B%7B%22label%22%3A%7B%22coordinates%22%3A%5B%5B%5B121.40791240429706%2C25.743222425844024%5D%2C%5B119.10465432009227%2C23.44226796401955%5D%2C%5B120.41267742964033%2C21.28612561868752%5D%2C%5B122.09035924406095%2C21.603725414777543%5D%2C%5B122.31784152398325%2C25.435469175811434%5D%2C%5B121.40791240429706%2C25.743222425844024%5D%5D%5D%2C%22type%22%3A%22Polygon%22%7D%2C%22value%22%3A%7B%22coordinates%22%3A%5B%5B%5B121.40791240429706%2C25.743222425844024%5D%2C%5B119.10465432009227%2C23.44226796401955%5D%2C%5B120.41267742964033%2C21.28612561868752%5D%2C%5B122.09035924406095%2C21.603725414777543%5D%2C%5B122.31784152398325%2C25.435469175811434%5D%2C%5B121.40791240429706%2C25.743222425844024%5D%5D%5D%2C%22type%22%3A%22Polygon%22%7D%7D%5D%7D
> 各位有空可以看看有沒有問題圖資
> Dennis
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> From: Pete Masters via talk <talk於openstreetmap.org>
> Date: Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 9:40 PM
> Subject: [OSM-talk] Flagging issue with Micron organised editing
> To: OpenStreetMap <talk於openstreetmap.org>
> *Hi all, writing with my HOT Head of Community
> <https://www.hotosm.org/people/pete-masters/> hat on...Just want to flag
> that there has been a large scale mapping effort done by a company called
> Micron, which has led to some really poor quality mapping and damage to
> data mapped previously by communities in different places…Micron have (with
> good intent but little knowledge) jumped into mapping as an organisational
> activity both through the HOT tasking manager and by directly editing OSM.
> The edits can be identified through Pascal Neis’ changeset tool
> (#gomicron21 changeset comment)
> <https://resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-changesets?comment=gomicron21#2/6.3/30.6>.These
> edits were brought to HOT’s attention on Monday and we have taken the
> following steps: - Found contacts at Micron and started a dialogue (they
> have now asked all employees to stop mapping)- Notified the DWG of the
> situation and sought advice on how to help resolve the poor quality edits-
> Mobilised validators to support cleanup of map data (using #microncleanup
> to identify these changesets)- Reaching out to communities where we have
> identified the biggest impactsI am posting here to flag that this has
> happened, but also to respond to a changeset comment
> <https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/102826004#map=19/-11.83087/31.44469>
> and discussions happening on the talk-gb channel around another project
> using the tasking manager that has been affected.The Micron mapping was not
> done in collaboration or with support from any other organisation or
> community (including HOT or other Missing Maps members) and the company did
> not share their plans prior to starting to edit. In fact, HOT had no
> awareness of the company before researching the changesets once they were
> brought to our attention.However, members of HOT staff are working to help
> resolve the situation and appreciate the support we are receiving from the
> wider OSM community. A big thanks to those that spotted the issue and
> raised it, and to all those helping with data validation and correction!
> Thanks,Pete*
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