[Talk-ug] Kampala Capital City Authority Data Import

Geoffrey Kateregga kateregga1 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 17:24:06 UTC 2019

Hi list:

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)[1] has released 12 datasets
through the Mapping and Surveying of the Nakamiro Channel Area Project [2]
which include the following


   35,513 building footprints

   737 road segments

   5 marketplaces

   1546 drainage segments

   926 High Voltage power line

   883 High Voltage Power Poles

   3289 Low voltage lines, Lvpole-

   4961 Low voltage power poles

   172 Transformers

   16 informal settlements

   91 landuse features

   198 schools

   272 street lights

   2 Hilltops

   4 Spot heights

   2 wetlands

for import into OpenStreetMap, HOT[3] is assisting the Kampala Capital City
Authority in the importing those datasets into OpenStreetMap.

The idea is to only import those datasets that don't already exist in OSM
and are up to date. The nodes, lines and polygons will be manually uploaded
through the use of JOSM and its conflation and todo list plugins, in a
similar way as it's been done many times already in different areas of the
world, like the Import of Uganda Bureau Of Statistics Education Facilities
in 2015 [4].

As these datasets are different, the imports would be independent of each
other. So in this email, we ask for comments about the Kampala Capital City
Authority data import.

An import wiki has been produced [5], that can, of course, be modified
during the discussion process. We are in a practical wiki will be written
these days explaining the import workflow that every senior mapper will
have to follow.

Only datasets that will be found to be clean, verified and an update will
be uploaded. Once we get a consensus, we would proceed to the imports list
as the last step before starting the import.

I've CC'ed  Deogratius Kiggudde who is coordinating the project, and Sara
Amadi in Uganda.

Kind regards,

Geoffrey Kateregga

[1] https://www.kcca.go.ug/


[3] https://hotosm.org


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